Mobile Campaigns and Analytics

We offer the most comprehensive set of integrated mobile marketing solutions that span all devices and platforms. Now you can easily develop personalized experiences, acquire users, analyze behavior and engage on-the-go customers in the moment – with mobile-optimized email, Push, SMS and onsite targeting. All from one place.

Mobile-Optimized Email Marketing

With the majority of consumers now using a smartphone and over 50% of emails being read on a mobile device, it’s important to have a mobile email strategy that allows you to effectively engage on-the-go customers at the right time with consistent and engaging messages


Responsive Design

Our design team has mastered the art of responsive design, allowing all elements to remain readable and clickable on any screen size.

Mobile Targeting

Segment and target your mobile users based on mobile engagement and location data in real-time to deliver seamless, relevant and personalized messages.

Campaign Management

Test campaigns by device and operating system to ensure optimal performance and track customer by device type and email client.

SMS Messaging

Adding SMS messaging to your overall integrated marketing strategy will allow you to engage your customers one-to-one with personalized and relevant conversations. You can use personalized messages in a number of ways – you can correspond with local customers about events, promotions based on location data or reward and increase loyalty with special offers for frequent customers.



Use existing customer data and segments to deliver personalized and valuable SMS conversations.

Automated Follow-Ups

Automatically retarget contacts who did not open your email campaigns with SMS messages.


Measure and analyze SMS performance alone or against all your other marketing channels.

Mobile Push

Personalized and targeted Push messaging can boost app usage and drive mobile conversions. Take your app strategy to the next level by building targeted communications on the Related Marketing Cloud platform.



Send personalized and targeted Push messages by Combine user profiles and mobile data to drive segmentation.


Save time and resources by automating your Push notifications. Send automated messages to your customers in real-time, when they need it.


Trigger interactions based on your customers location at the right time with personalized, contextual mobile experiences.

Mobile Web

Create tailored experiences based on dynamic factors and real-time customer context. Use all the data you have to deliver personalized content and offers at the right time to improve the experience for mobile web.

Mobile Analytics

Use mobile analytics from Related Marketing Cloud to understand the ROI of your mobile marketing campaigns and investments.

Related Marketing Cloud allows you to measure and compare all digital channels in a unified way in order to understand the multi-channel behaviors of customers. With this information you can deliver a consistent brand experience and increase engagement across the entire customer journey.

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