Create Successful Omnichannel Campaigns

Customers respond to personally relevant and timely messages and expect a consistent experience across channels and devices. With Related Marketing Cloud campaign you can integrate customer information from a variety of sources to gain individualized insights. Then use email, mobile, web and social channels to create engaging campaigns with higher acquisition, retention and customer loyalty.

Omnichannel Solution for Audience Engagement

Related Marketing Cloud offers customer acquisition, development and engagement capabilities for unlimited customer segments using a single platform.




Track and associate mobile interactions to your customer profiles. Engage with your customers wherever they are.



Enrich customer profiles with Facebook data. Extend the reach of your campaigns with dynamic, highly targeted Facebook Ads.



Improve performance on all channels with automated SMS follow-up campaigns & personalized offers



Integrate behavioral and customer data from your website to create relevant communications across channels



Ensure maximum email delivery at all scales with high-performance & 7/24 monitored scalable platform

Maintain a Unified Profile of Each Customer

Our Customer Interaction Warehouse gives you a complete view of each of your customers / visitors. Increase acquisition, engagement, conversion and loyalty with personalized and timely communications and re-marketing campaigns.


Link Behavioral and Customer Data

Combine online behavior and CRM profile data to retarget your customers / visitors across channels with personalized content and timely offers.


Automate Your Customer Journeys

Use our drag and drop marketing automation solution to design complex lifecycle campaigns, incorporating touches across channels, online behavior, business rules and much more.


Key Features

Integrate All Customer Data

Integrate all the data you have about your customers from all sources – including online, offline and mobile.

Trigger-Driven Communication

Interact with your customers based on behavior, location or stage in the lifecycle.

User-Friendly Interface

Easily create and manage engaging campaigns across channels from a single easy-to-use interface.

Targeted Segmentation

Use everything you know about your customers to create targeted segments and deliver personalized experiences.

Scheduled Campaigns

Deliver the right message, to the right person at the right time regardless of the channel.

Effective Reporting

Use our dashboard reporting to get measurable results of your campaigns across channels and take the appropriate actions based on returns.

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