Optimize Your Customer Experiences With Data-Driven Marketing

Related Marketing Cloud offers a complete digital marketing platform that sets itself apart by providing powerful analytics fully integrated with omni-channel personalization solutions allowing marketers to find answers to increase ROI and deliver one-to-one engagement across channels.

Flexible, Reliable and Easy Analysis of Big Data

Enterprise-level real-time analytics on everything your customers do across multiple channels including online, offline and mobile. Use Analytics to get deeper insights about the entire customer journey across multiple channels, discover high-value audiences, and power Customer Intelligence for your business.

360° Segmentation and Scoring

Segment and score your audience based on demographic, geographic and interaction data on any channel including online, offline and mobile. Make your productive and efficient by targeting specific segments with relevant content across any channel.

Most Powerful Personalization Engine

Personalize your marketing channels, web site, mobile site, mobile app, and even your offline shopping experience using customer data and omni-channel interaction history.

Targeted Experiences

Present relevant and personal experiences that engage your customers. Complete set of capabilities that focuses on behavioral data to ensure that relevant content and choices are automatically presented to the right customer, at the right time.

The State of Personalization & Marketing Automation in the Travel Industry

Download our free e-book to learn how marketing automation and cross-channel personalization can help marketers in the travel industry create data-driven customer experiences across lifecycle stages.

Key Features


Flexible and scalable platform that supports real-time analysis, data mining and ad-hoc reporting – get answers as fast as your questions.

Predictive Analytics

Understand customer experiences, behavior and predict their next move in real-time with historical context.

Omni-Channel Personalization

Create and deliver personalized customer experiences across all channels and devices.


Get accurate and reliable analysis of Big Data with No Sampling practices. No data loss caused by JavaScript tagging. REST supported.


Easy-to-use across the organization without the requirement of any database knowledge or IT reliance.

Rapid Deployment

Start leveraging the power of predictive analytics across all your departments with our rapidly-deployed solutions

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